CMBN Contact Front! (H2H version) V2


Version 2 of the scenario, updated 02/06/2018, for balance reasons. German reinforcements have been removed.


This is a special version of my scenario ‘Contact Front!’, designed to be played by two players.

I’ve changed and tweaked a lot of things to make it work well against a human opponent. It’s been playtested several times, so the balance should be quite good – especially now that the German reinforcements have been deleted. However, the more experienced player should probably choose to play the British.


Click here to download: CW Contact Front H2H version V2

About the scenario:

  • British Recon in force attack VS German Army.
  • Infantry based, with a bit of mostly light armour.
  • No air power or artillery.
  • Terrain: Some light bocage, a small bit of heavy bocage, and lots of open ground. Rolling hills, orchards, and a town.
  • Commonwealth module required to play.

The British player starts in a vulnerable position, but has light armour and will receive reinforcements. He has to advance to take and hold two victory locations while suffering less than 33 pct casualties.

The German player has to prevent this. He has no armour and gets no reinforcements. Instead, he will have to use the terrain to his advantage to hold back the British.

Both sides have a decent chance to win if they play their cards right. The map is bigger than it usually is for the size of the forces involved, to give both players more freedom to make their own plan to attack or defend.

Let me know what you think

If you play this scenario, please consider writing a few lines about your experience in the comment box below. I spent a huge amount of time building and testing this scenario, all the time wondering what would happen when people started playing it. All feedback is welcome.

This is the photo that inspired me to do this scenario. I tried to achieve the same type of gently rolling hills. But my map is not a recreation of this particular place.

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3 thoughts on “CMBN Contact Front! (H2H version) V2

  1. Like the scenario, but think you could dispense with the axis reinforcements.

    It was fun H2H but would suggest the more experienced player takes the allied force.

  2. A nice and interesting map. Fun size scenario. Reinforcements came in handy I would change that.

    Thanks for making it.

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