3 thoughts on “CMBN Three Patrol Action

  1. I found this to, perhaps, be best played against the AI.
    I played the Germans in an H2H game and came away with a complete victory.
    I readjusted the setup and made it more difficult for the patrol on the right to make across the field from where they started and covered the large gap in the hedgerow that they almost certainly would attack through. I then advanced a squad and LMG behind a hedgerow firing down the line of hedgerow the Americans had to form up on.
    On the German right, with the reinforcements, I placed squads and mg to fire on the anticipated route of the American reinforcements to great effect.
    I don’t believe the AI is capable of making anticipated adjustments.
    Perhaps if the initial German start was fixed so in H2H the German cannot adjust his troops.
    Maybe an extra gap or two in the hedgerows for the Americans to move through would help.
    The problem with the satchel charges is the Germans know where the holes are blown even when they are out of LOS. A human will react where the AI might not.
    I then played the AI as the Americans and had a difficult time getting a tactical victory.
    I think it’s best played that way.

  2. Sorry, I didn’t realize this was going to post here.
    I thought it was going directly to the designer.
    Please moderator either remove the post or warn of spoilers!

    1. No worries Gunner… I’m sure everyone suspects that there will be spoilers in scenario discussions. I will put a little note about it somewhere on the site though for future reference. 🙂

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