Abbaye D’Authie

*Commonwealth Forces Add On Required*


A small company sized meeting engagement – Canadian and German forces clash on the outskirts of the town of Authie to try and capture the vital abbey there. The Canadians want it to use for the attack on Buron and ultimately the attack on Caen, the Germans want it to use as a forward obs post to counter attack the Candians sweeping through the area.

The scenario itself is loosely based on history, the map itself is loosely based on the Boudicea scenario in Company of Heroes


There are 3 Allied plans and 2 Axis plans


**caution – the nature of the size of the map may lead to contact on turn 1**

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2 thoughts on “Abbaye D’Authie

  1. The map was great, and after the battle checked the German plans. Think I hit plan 2, which made it pretty easy since all the Germans advanced from the same spot. Once the two tanks were destroyed, it was pretty much a turkey shoot. Maybe plan 1 would be better? Liked the terrain and the forces.

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