Gruppe Boehm to Le Rocher Sp & H2H v3

Grateful Acknowledgement: This update is the result of helpful feedback from a pair of dedicated players who found that the scenario heavily imbalanced in favour of the German side.

Two design elements have been changed. The first is the Experience levels for both sides. In the original version the Americans were all Green and the Germans Crack. This has been changed to Typical for both sides, enabling the program to randomly assign experience levels appropriate for the troop types at that date. The second change is the addition of Special Movement Rules that attempt to encourage players (especially the German) to behave in a more historical manner given the time of day and terrain.

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6 thoughts on “Gruppe Boehm to Le Rocher Sp & H2H v3

    1. When files appear in the scenario folder but not in the game one of the following conditions is responsible:
      1. The scenario was created or edited in a later version of the game engine than the player is using.
      2. The scenario was created with ALL add-ons installed and the player does not have the same add-ons installed.
      3. The file name is too long or has a numerical or unrecognized punctuation ending

      Sometimes even with all things equal, a second attempt to install solves the problem.

  1. Thanks for the reply.

    Already made a second attempt.
    I have the add-ons installed and no change with a short name file.
    But I have v4.03, not v4.04.

  2. The original scenario was created using an older game engine version. The update and anything I create these days is using v4.04 so that is likely the problem.
    For users of 4.03 try the following:
    1. Load the scenario into the scenario Editor.
    2. Make a small change such as a single terrain tile or change the Experience level of a single unit.
    3. Then save the scenario using a different name.
    4. Try to play it. Maybe is has saved it as a 4.03. Don’t know if this will work. Never tried it.

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