TWC No Better Spot To Die

7 June 1944: The 82d Airborne Division was widely scattered over its drop zones on D-Day and small groups of paratroops and glidermen were forced to fight dozens of individual actions for several days until the formation could be consolidated as a single fighting force. One of the major battles that took place on D-Day was at the bridge over the Merderet River at la Fiere, where flooding created a causeway through the swamplands between Ste. Mère-Eglise and Cauquigny. The strongest German opposition to the 82d’s landings came here, from elements of the Infantry Division 91.

On D+1, elements of the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment found themselves facing renewed attacks by the 91st Division, once again reinforced by French-built tanks. During the previous day’s encounter, the 1st Battalion had already been whittled down and by the time the fighting was done at la Fiere, they would number just a handful of men commanded by a lieutenant.

Play: Solo as either side, or H2H in either real time or turn-based play. Recommended as H2H, or German solo vs AI.

  • Map size: 1568m x 1200m
  • Force size: reinforced company
  • Game length: 1:40
  • Terrain Type: farmland, flooded
  • Weather and environmental conditions: warm, overcast.

Notes: Built in version 3.10 (i.e. Engine 3.0 with Vehicle Pack. Should not requires Commonwealth or Market Garden. Includes the Renault R35 tank from the Vehicle Pack.) Inspired by the ASL scenario of the same name, this CM battle was designed using additional historical, order of battle and map research from the U.S. Army official history as well as real world topographical data.

Michael Dorosh


Icon of TWC No Better Spot To Die TWC No Better Spot To Die (0.6 MiB)


Icon of TWC No Better Spot To Die TWC No Better Spot To Die (0.6 MiB)


Author: Bootie

6 thoughts on “TWC No Better Spot To Die

  1. Good to know, thank you Bootie (and good work on that metric ton CMBN scenarios uploaded past days!).

    CMFDR are my first names initial. Yeah, so much imagination… at least that one I won’t forget! 😀

  2. Scenario doesnt play on my Mac. I put the file in my scenario folder. Anything I can do to get it to play? The June 6th and 9th work ok.

  3. Good challenge for not-so-hot troops. Lots of time, so scout well! Would have given a lot for a mortar……… A compass on the briefing map with some idea of where the defenders were expected would make for a little easier play, but a very minor suggestion.

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