CMBN + CW +MG Alternate Silhouettes by Marco Bergman

Mod for CMBN2, Commonwealth module, Market Garden module. (Handles all 3 in any combination.)

Replaces silhouettes and weapons with various alternate options. V6

14x vehicle silhouette options
13x weapons options

Weapons options include range, and range+calibre, with choice of 1st aid symbol or yellow for wounded.

Silhouette options include effective range, full sets of numeric data, and bar graphs.

Red-green colourblind people fully supported.

Tested by :
Fer Man
Julian Johnstone
Chad Lennerts
John Nash
(Thanks guys, you did a great job.)

This mod is huge (+6000 tiles). There may be some small errors. Please let me know immediately if you find anything wrong and I’ll fix it.

The bglow version may be the most compatible with the Juju mod.

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