CMBN Subdued Fortification Icons By Stikkypixie

This mod is intented to make it easier to distinguish the icons from regular units from that of mines, obstacles and trenches during the setup phase. Once the game actually starts, the icons of mines, obstacles and trenches will disappear, so there won’t be any confusion with shaken or panicked units.

INSTALLATION Make folder called “Z” (without the quotation marks) in your data folder if you haven’t done so. Place the Z_stikkypixie_subdued_fortification_icons.brz file in the “Z” folder.

UNINSTALLATION Remove the Z_stikkypixie_subdued_fortification_icons.brz file from the “Z” folder.

Comments and feedback send to mr_mol13″at”hotmail”dot”com.
I reuploaded it from the original BFC repository.

Author: admin

1 thought on “CMBN Subdued Fortification Icons By Stikkypixie

  1. These icons are a excellent way to reduce the cluttered, “busy look” of your scene when you are playing with a lot of obstacles. As icons sort of stack when looking at one area from a distance, this eliminates the chance of something important being masked by the obstacle icon. Salute to stikkypixie for this mod!

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