[CMFI] France 1940 Mod

August 2023


This is the CMFI France 1940 Mod.

In April we posted a download link for the “BRONZE LEVEL RELEASE”.

In May we came back with another download link to grab the “SILVER LEVEL RELEASE”.

Now we offer “STERLING SILVER RELEASE” which adds the BEF and I have a humble 2 scenarios. One to play as axis and one to play as the BEF.

Just a system to slowly release the mod. BRONZE then SILVER then GOLD then DIAMOND. You need them all as the mod builds upon itself and later scenarios use all the parts from the earlier releases.

Again, my thanks to all those who helped make this possible: 
Damian45, Falaise, JM Stuff, kevinkin, Juju, sbobovyc, Tanksalot, Others not listed.


1. Put scenarios in your CMFI scenario folder.
They have a prefix of FR40A or FR40B and now FR40BEF.

2. Plop the mod folders in your CMFI z folder. 

TIP: If you have tons of extra German helmets in your z from other mods…you should temporarily pull them out. 
Or you will see an odd camo helmet on the France 1940 Germans. That would be sad.

3. Look at the “Nice to Haves” folder and make some decisions.

a. Do you want a different splash screen while playing the mod? Pick mine or Damian’s. Now I have a new one for BEF. Pick and choose.

b. Plop the music in your z if you want a different tune as it loads. I added a new intro music if you want or not. No big deal.

c. The loading screens by Damian45 are awesome. I recommend them.

d. The String file changes the names of stuff. It is not dangerous.
But just know it should be removed out of z if you do other stuff. If you see a couple
versions, please just use the one that is the newest, the most recently dated when viewed in a
folder with details. Got it?

Standard disclaimer. Use at your own risk. 
All materials are licensed work of BFC. 
I did this for free. I am not perfect. Holler if you see I made an error and I will address it ASAP. Stuff happens!

Best regards,


BRONZE LEVEL RELEASE https://drive.google.com/file/d/1u8-udBqN-XCa8P5VfC7sXc9LBaCBJisK/view?usp=sharing

SILVER LEVEL RELEASE https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dkFlb2-tduDxzWaYmPcI7yCBXR-MSlfY/view?usp=sharing

STERLING SILVER RELEASE https://drive.google.com/file/d/1L4Njx_XD2_sHW9ZvtTJZ2qpW0OvIa2k5/view?usp=sharing

SCENARIOS – https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FHeJzHG6OMGdI1_aElySwZPzWxupNASB/view?usp=sharing

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20 thoughts on “[CMFI] France 1940 Mod

  1. CMMODS used to have a counter to show number of downloads. I guess we will not know if this mod has a glimmer of popularity.

    No matter. This mod will continue to grow over the next few months until July 2023.

    New DLC (mods and scenarios) will be offered in a SILVER PACK, and then a GOLD and then finally a DIAMOND.

    The BFC forums have a discussion thread.

    I hope you enjoy it. If you want to make a scenario using the mod, please do! I have a scenario creation guide.

  2. Do you want to write a scenario for the mod? Hold on! Let me have somebody cuter ask…


  3. Hi guys. I decided to throttle back production. I love this timeframe. I will continue on to make scenarios and release the GOLD and DIAMOND. It will just be at a much slower pace over the summer and on into the autumn. Please do me a favor and give me some feedback. “Like” the mod if you enjoy it. (Up above is the heart symbol). Or better give me a PM with some comments over at BFC forums. Thanks.

  4. Thanks so much for these challenging and excellent mods! The 1940 campaign in France is sadly unrepresented in computer based wargames so high kudos to Kohnlenklaus for giving us the opportunity to play in this theatre!

  5. Hi Kohlenklau

    I’m going to download bronze and silver today. I would have done it sooner, but I was unaware of its release

    One of my favourite periods of the Second World War, so thanks in advance for producing this!

    I’ll give feedback once I’ve explored. I’m a bit excited 😊

    Thanks in advance


  6. Hi guys! Coming soon I will be tucking in between SILVER and GOLD a new release called STERLING SILVER which is the BEF (British Expeditionary Force). I have one scenario using prefix FR40BR in progress and have done some mods of Carriers and a Dingo. A Cruiser Tank MkII is also in progress. Anybody want to craft up a 1940 scenario? That really helps me if you can do that. Thanks!

  7. My apologies. The scenario FR40A FRENCH TOAST REDUX had an error in the set up zones. The damn French tanks popped right in among the Germans. I had the wrong color set up zone for a tiny insignificant last minute tweak (I thought). Lesson learned. I have made a scenario revision FR40A FRENCH TOAST REDUX V2 and it should be uploaded along with the next installment STERLING SILVER releasze pack (aka BEF1940) here in a week or 2 – also depending on Mr Bootie’s work schedule.

    I only learned of that scenario set up error from watching Smart Wargames youtube channel which showed several of the FR40 Mod battles…
    Nobody had mentioned it by PM or here in the comments. hahaha, Maybe nobody is playing these scenarios? I just don’t know. A few folks have said they like it and appreciate the early war mod.

    Take care guys!

    1. Actually came here specifically to let you know about the set-up zone issue in French Toast Redux. (I went into the scenario editor and changed it for my own personal use) but now you’re aware of it all is good.

      Very much enjoying the Bronze and Silver release scenarios (the vs. AI ones) – they’re concise and deceptively simple but require some astute tactical thinking and a sense of timing for success. Looking forward to meeting the B.E.F…

      Thanks again kohlenklau!

    1. Hi Mike,

      Yes, you can. I created a small guide to TRY and help a person use the mod and make a new France 1940 scenario.

  8. Hallo Kohlenklau
    I fan of France 05/1940 Blitzkrieg time period. But, as I don’t own CMFI 5I was thinking about purchase it since a long time, you’r mod will probably decide me), could you explain what are the Bronze, siver , … releases ? Thanks

    1. Hi Maury,

      These words are just a system I made to give names to the gradual release of the mods.
      Like the Olympic Medals in order from low up to higher. Bronze, then silver and then gold and then diamond. hahaha, but no diamond medal in the Olympics.

      Understand now?

  9. Hello all, I am really enjoying the scenarios, they are very well made! Thank you for this mod!
    I can’t seem to create my own scenarios or quick battles using these 1940 troops? They do not appear on my lists, I have been following the guide, trying to use French troops from November 1943, but they are the original ’43 troops and not the 1940 from the mod.

    1. Hi Chris,

      Making a FRANCE1940 scenario! whoo hoo. THANKS!
      I will try to help you get this resolved. Can you please PM me over on the BFC forums? @kohlenklau


  10. Late November 2023.

    Best wishes to anybody who enjoyed or is enjoying the CMFI FRANCE 1940 mod.

    Has anyone tried to make a new scenario with it? I hope so. 😀

    If anybody plays the mod and sees anything “goofy” or whatever, please report to me with some clues and details to give me a chance to analyze and correct the issue.
    You can personal message me over in the BFC forums and I will take a look.

  11. Hello guys,

    I have been a member of FGM twice but then get busy and my account is closed after idleness of 90 days or whatever. No worry! That is Shane’s policy and I have no issue with it.

    I see folks are asking questions here on CMMODS in this discussion and comments section. I have tried to reply here but I guess it doesn’t notify them of my reply? Not sure…

    I can only keep saying that the very best way to get with me and resolve anything is over at the BFC forums! PM me over there and I can study your question and work to help you.

    I am planning to release the GOLD pack here before Christmas with at least 1 new scenario. 

    Best wishes,

    Phil (kohlenklau) 

    December 2023

  12. Hi,

    Did you get around to making the Gold pack as I can’t find it to download on this site?

    Kind regards,

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