[CMFI] France 1940 Mod

May 2023


This is the CMFI France 1940 Mod.

In April we posted a download link for the “BRONZE LEVEL RELEASE”.

Now we are back with another download link to grab the “SILVER LEVEL RELEASE”.

Just a system to slowly release the mod. BRONZE then SILVER then GOLD then DIAMOND. You need them all as the mod builds upon itself and later scenarios use all the parts from the earlier releases.

Again, my thanks to all those who helped make this possible: 
Damian45, Falaise, JM Stuff, kevinkin, Juju, sbobovyc, Tanksalot, Others not listed.


1. Put scenarios in your CMFI scenario folder.
They have a prefix of FR40A or FR40B.

2. Plop the mod folders in your CMFI z folder. 

TIP: If you have tons of extra German helmets in your z from other mods…you should temporarily pull them out. 
Or you will see an odd camo helmet on the France 1940 Germans. That would be sad.

3. Look at the “Nice to Haves” folder and make some decisions.

a. Do you want a different splash screen while playing the mod? Pick mine or Damian’s. 

b. Plop the music in your z if you want a different tune as it loads.

c. The loading screens by Damian45 are awesome. I recommend them.

d. The String file changes the names of stuff. It is not dangerous.
But just know it should be removed out of z if you do other stuff. If you see a couple
versions, please just use the one that is the newest, the most recently dated when viewed in a
folder with details. Got it?

Standard disclaimer. Use at your own risk. 
All materials are licensed work of BFC. 
I did this for free.

Best regards,


BRONZE LEVEL RELEASE https://drive.google.com/file/d/1u8-udBqN-XCa8P5VfC7sXc9LBaCBJisK/view?usp=sharing

SILVER LEVEL RELEASE https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dkFlb2-tduDxzWaYmPcI7yCBXR-MSlfY/view?usp=sharing

Author: admin

3 thoughts on “[CMFI] France 1940 Mod

  1. CMMODS used to have a counter to show number of downloads. I guess we will not know if this mod has a glimmer of popularity.

    No matter. This mod will continue to grow over the next few months until July 2023.

    New DLC (mods and scenarios) will be offered in a SILVER PACK, and then a GOLD and then finally a DIAMOND.

    The BFC forums have a discussion thread.

    I hope you enjoy it. If you want to make a scenario using the mod, please do! I have a scenario creation guide.

  2. Do you want to write a scenario for the mod? Hold on! Let me have somebody cuter ask…


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