[CMFI] Korea 1950 Mod

December 2023 WELCOME! This is the CMFI KOREA 1950 Mod. Right now, it requires: Basegame CMFI plus the 2 modules Gustav Line and Rome to Victory (game engine 4 and patched to version 2.20). Right now, I just have 1 humble scenario to play as allies versus axis AI. Writing AI plans is very laborious. I am also preparing several H2H only scenarios if you have a buddy to lock horns with and play against a human.

I have a scenario creation guide in the works. Maybe released in 2024… You have my full permission to edit any of these scenarios and change them to be versus AI. Write that AI plan! The H2H only scenarios will be released later after Chritsmas 2023 or into the new year 2024. EASY INSTRUCTIONS! 1. Put scenarios in your CMFI scenario folder. They have a prefix of ROK. 2. Plop the mod folders in your CMFI z folder. 3. Look at the “Nice to Haves” folder and make some decisions. Put in z or don’t put in z. a. Do you want a different splash screen while playing the mod? Decide and put in z or delete it. b. Plop the music in your z if you want a different tune as it loads.

I added a new intro music if you want or not. No big deal. c. My splash screen is a cheap product. Use or delete. d. The String file changes the names of stuff. It is not dangerous. But just know it should be removed out of z if you do other stuff. If you see a couple versions, please just use the one that is the newest, the most recently dated when viewed in a folder with details. Got it? e. Force selection is also a mod of flags. Use or delete. I did this for free. I am not perfect. Holler IN THE BFC FORUMS if you see I made an error and I will address it ASAP. Stuff happens!

Merry Christmas,



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6 thoughts on “[CMFI] Korea 1950 Mod

  1. Hi guys.

    How about some feedback? Is anybody enjoying the Korea mod? Should I bother to release the H2H-only scenarios?

    I have really enjoyed it against a buddy. I am glad I made it.

    But if the community doesn’t have much interest…I can move onward to other projects.


  2. I have finished the ROK REBEL’S ROOST and I liked it. Korean war has potential. Keep up the great work!

  3. I’m very interested in this mod, just haven’t had time to play it yet. I do look forward to seeing more scenarios. Thank you!

  4. I have been looking at this and I have some plans for the mod. If your still around kohlenklau Ill let you know. Right in the middle of a CMSF2 campaign creation.

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