CMBN Tan Geometric FOW Icons by Vin

Tan geometric FoW icons.

These are just the tan Fow icons from “Vin’s geometric Fow icons” mod. They make distinguishing spotted icons from FoW icons much easier. This update includes all CM nations, and is an improvement over the original tan color being more neutral in tone.

The mod contains two sets to choose from. They are identical except for the ATG icon. One use a hex shape, the other uses a bullet shape. Choose one of these folders, and put it in the “z” folder to use.

This mod can be used with any other icon mod, or the stock set the game comes with. If using another mod with FoW icons, and you wan to use these with it just add a few “z”’s at the beginning of the folder title like this “zzTan Fow icons”. These can be used with both CMBN, and CMFI.


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