5 thoughts on “[CMBN] Horsa Glider

  1. Acknowledgements:
    The original model was obtained from Sketchfab.com and credit goes to Mr. Helijah.
    Further modified by Kohlenklau who also added the original floating icon
    Camouflage pattern modified by NPYE.
    Floating icon and silhouette recoloured by Kandu.

  2. How to Use the Horsa Glider Model – Two Methods

    METHOD TWO – USING IT WITH SCENARIOS THAT HAVE THE MOD TAG [HORSA]: Drop it into your data/z/ folder and use it only with Kandu’s Operation Coup de Main scenarios or with any other scenario that has BOTH theBritish Bedford-qld-gs truck in the Allied force list and the mod tag [horsa]. The latter calls the mod. However, if you leave it in z some elements will also show up inadvertently in other scenarios with British trucks. Specifically, the passengers will be floating in the air behind the trucks. This is because not all of the files in the horsa mod have been tagged. This needs to be fixed. ALL of the included files MUST have the [horsa] mod-tag added. So open it up in Windows Explorer and add the missing tags.

    METHOD TWO – USING IT WITH SCENARIOS WITH NO [HORSA] MOD TAG: The scenario MUST include the British Bedford-qld-gs truck in the Allied force list because the Horsa modifies that model. IF the truck is absent, the mod won’t show. Next, remove the [horsa] mod tag from all of the files and use JSGME to move the mod in and out of the data/z/ folder or do it manually.


  3. Forgot to mention: It does not show up in the editor because it replaces the British Bedford-qld-gs truck. That is the item you need to load from the Editor.

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