1 thought on “[CMBN] Benouville Buildings by Owl

  1. Acknowledgements:
    Kandu’s Bénouville and Normandy buildings are whole or partial reskins of other authors works including Kieme, TaL and Umlaut.
    Installation: Kandu’s building collection follows a numerical sequence that adds to other other’s buildings but does not overwrite them. For example; TaL’s “Independent” building reskins for building #000-006 replaces that building’s two models # (00) and (01). My reskins for that same building are numbered (02), (03) and (04).

    Bénouville Buildings not showing up? That means that you are missing (i.e.have not installed) the other lower numbered buildings. For example: My Café Yvon is building number 004-012 skin number (06). You will have (00) and (01) installed by default. But if Yvon does not show up then you are missing one or more of skins (02) through (05). These are all available at the site as Kandu’s Normandy buildings.

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