Aris SdKfz 250 Neu Pack CMMG, By Aristoteles

************ Only available CMMG ****************

———— Aris SdKfz 250 Neu Pack CMMG ———–

Market Garden module introduced the simplified SdKfz 250, known as “Neu”, it’s available for Panzer Aufklärung battalions (43 and 44) from the very beginning of Normandy landings. Previous version 250s are now know as 250 “Alt”.

Photoreal weathering added and base textures improved in sharpness and contrast…

UNZIP “Aris SdKfz 250 Neu Pack CMMG” AND DROP IT TO z.Inside you will find all the variants and all the hull numbers already renamed.

I asked in the forum some time about this some time ago, and thus I haven´t included division markings, since the game mixes them and ingame it looks very bad.

Variants modded: SPW 250/1, 250/3, 250/7, 250/9, 250/10 (NEU)

There are 17 Decal sets included, and different camo schemes for each variant in some cases.


Enjoy them, and take care of those gunners 


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