Aris Stug III G Pack CMBN V, By Aristoteles

** Compatible for CMBN (all modules)**
————Stug III G EARLY, MID and LATE VERSION 2———–

During two (maybe 3?) years of modding BN, Stug III Gs have been in my 2do list. For some reason I wasn’t able to mod them to my liking. Version 1 mods were not that bad actually, decals and all… and were surprisingly downloaded a lot of times (lack of modders I should say)…Many tries, many frustrations, they helped me to realize how bad I am with Photoshop after all.BUT, as it happens when you are not born with skills but you try and try this is a mod I am eventually happy with,…a Version 2 I feel proud of.
Enjoy it.



Updated and modified (and way way improved  )version of my previous old Mod for the Stugs(available in the Repository, and soon to be deleted).DECALS added for Hulls ( 9 sets) and 6 more optional for the Skirts, but in the latter the game engine swaps panels from skirts so numbers in the sides get messed, omitted or swapped, that’s why I put them in an optional folder.They are already renumbered so if you want them, just copy and paste them to the main mod folder.

Now (if you haven’t yet):
Go inside the Data folder and create a new folder ( if you haven’t yet) called “Z”. Because “Z” comes after the names of the standard game files (“Version XXX”) you are guaranteed that any mods you put into the “Z” folder will be loaded and used by Combat Mission.

Unzip and Drop “Aris Stug III G Pack CMBN V2” TO z.

******//////DELETE any previous STUG III mods you may have in Z//////******

Hope you like them,…



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