Sherman V “Black Sod” (Hull Only), By Kohlenklau

This is a mod where I took Aris’s CMBN Sherman V and gave it the markings for a specific tank. “Black Sod” of the Irish Guards.
It is modtagged [valkenswaard] for a CMPzC operation taking place there. You also get 2 mdr files and 2 sign bmp files that allow you to add 2 flavor objects. junk should have a 7 and 8 now and you get signs to Valkenswaard and Eindhoven. Also modtagged [valkenswaard] so you know you must create the mod tag text file that says valkenswaard and import it to your scenario. 

 (Muchas Gracias to Aris.)Sherman V “Black Sod” (Hull Only), by kohlenklau

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1 thought on “Sherman V “Black Sod” (Hull Only), By Kohlenklau

  1. I am modelling the Irish Guards Sherman tanks…currently ‘Black Sod’ but I can’t seem to find any number T…. nor any named commander? ….just hoping you can help..

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