KINOMOD – Modern UI [CM:BS] [1.5.3]

Modern, clean and simple in-game user interface.

Extract the folder into: …Battlefront\Combat Mission Black Sea\Data\Z
If ‘Z’ does not exist, create it.


Extract the folder into:
C:\…Documents\Battlefront\Combat Mission\Black Sea\User Data\Mods

This mod is a development of my Minimalist mod. Much as I liked (and still like) that mod I found it too stark at times.

MODERN UI modifies the in-game, lower edge interface, concentrating on simplifying and streamlining the original game UI. It follows a very systematic grid as far as
possible, with an absolute minimum of border decoration and in-panel unnecessary graphics. A smooth grey surface is provided, with buttons recessing when pressed and information “floating” on the panel surfaces.

Some Front End graphical modification is also under way, notably the Editor has been extensively re-skinned.


UPDATE 1.5.3
Lots of various little tweaks to various small icons, graphic files, etc
Locked in the Command Interrup buttons, I think. Although the PAUSE button still feels weak…
Tweaked the UNIT INFO panel, @far left
Tweaked some Editor buttons

UPDATE 1.5.2
New Interrupt Command buttons – shape based! Slightly better. But still…

UPDATE 1.5.1
Removed the modified briefing screen (not ready yet)
New Command Interrupt buttons.. using WAIT/STOP/FLEE text.
Editor menu/panel buttons completed. The individual icons for various map elemnts are a giant job for some other day…
Support Fires panels adjusted further. The pop-up panel needs some work still.
All .psd files deleted this time!

Flipped all vehicle and weapon portraits
Flipped the loading screen backgrounds
Some general, front end UI screens are modified…(not complete)
New loading bar
Editor and menu UI given a modern feel

Revamped the Command Interrupt buttons once more…sigh
Cleaned up the unit info panel
Brightened the Special Equipment icons
Flipped the C&C soldier icons

Clarified the Command Interrupt buttons
Harmonised the suppression meter


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