KINOMOD – Loading Backgrounds [CMBS] [1.0]

Alternate and additional loading screen background images

Drag and drop this folder into: \Combat Mission Black Sea\Data\Z

The images in this folder will be superseded by any other folder beginging with a letter further in the alphabet (i.e. L onwards.)
This is how CM:BS works, it loads the folders in alphabetical order.

If you want to be certain these will show then rename this folder to: zKinoMod Minimal Editor

Alternate and additional black and white loading backgrounds for CM:BS
Alternate loading bar also included.

I use a very large, hi-res monitor and I was tired of the itty-bitty 1024px size vanilla splash backgrounds.

These are the original backgrounds, flopped, desaturated and resized.

I am working on a Beta 2.0 of my UI mod; these will be included there.


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