“Antipasto Di Ortona” Mods & Scenario By Kohlenklau

These mods are for a CMFI GL vignette I whipped up for the Canadians in honor of Canada Day 2016.

“Antipasto di Ortona”. December 1943.

Play only as allies vs axis AI. 30 minutes, small, overcast, muddy, 208m x 208m map cropped from benpark’s Ortona master map.

This folder of mods is modtagged (mostly!) for use in this scenario.

-1st Canadian Infantry Division patch on uniforms.

-a couple Canadian Shermans (with vehicle nicknames and markings)


-dead cow!

-Fallschirmjager Opel Blitz (my mod of Egger’s mod)

-stumps and trees with no leaves (Juju and umlaut)

-my muddy wadi crossing tiretracks marks

-Juju’s rubble mod for Ortona.


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