CMSF2 USMC Helmets and Gear

USMC Uniform Mods for Combat Mission Shock Force 2

This uniform mod offers some variety for the US Marines uniforms, helmets, and gear. They are contained in the following folders:

USMC Digital Gear
USMC Woodland  Gear
USMC Digital  Helmets
USMC OD Helmets
USMC Woodland  Helmets
USMC Desert  Uniform-OD Vest
USMC Desert  Uniform-Digital  Vests
USMC Desert Uniform-Woodland  Vests
USMC Digital  Uniform-OD Vest
USMC Digital  Uniform-Tan Vest
USMC Woodland  Uniform-OD Vest
USMC Woodland Uniform-Tan Vest
USMC Woodland Uniform-Woodland Vest

A couple of things….

1. I refer to what is officially designated “Woodland Marpat” camouflage as “Digital” simply to differentiate it from the US Woodland (non-digital) pattern.

2. The USMC uniform texture files include the plate carriers/armor vests, making it impossible to have separate “vest” files. What I have done instead is to mod the game’s original desert marpat uniform, my digital uniform, and my woodland uniform bmps so that they are “wearing” various types of vests…OD, digital, and woodland. Because it just looked too busy, I did not put digital vests on the woodland uniform, woodland vests on the digital uniforms, nor digital vests on the digital uniforms. 

BEWARE: Although the USMC uniforms and helmets in CMSF2 are distinctly separate textures, there are some items of gear that, as far as I can tell, use some of the textures used by the US Army pixeltruppen. (These have the tag “[brown]” added to their names in the game’s texture files.) Because of this, using the Gear mods may cause US Army troops to have some gear show up in game in the modded version you are using.

Much thanks to our very own Modding Metalhead Maniac Mord (a/k/a MC Stud Muffins) for his encouragement and original inspiration to start modding way back when, and to all the Forumites who also lent their encouragement and support for this mod.


To install:   Download and unzip the file, pick the folder(s) you want, and put it in the “Combat Mission/Shock Force 2/User Data/Mods folder (where you put all your other mods).

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  1. Are we supposed to rename the files? I only ask, because I don’t get the ‘mixed’ effect……all Devil Dogs have the same uniform out of the box.

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