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Alexander's Successors: Wars of the Diadochi - FGM Field of Glory II Campaign (NEW)

I would suggest Mediterranean hilly or agricultural

So let it be written. So let it be done.

Hear me, toadies of Lysimachus. I, Badgericles Aniketos, loyal warlord of Seleucus, wage battle upon thee.
Let him whose shield does not tremble in fear scribe "HailFGM" to accept my challenge in the lands of Cilicia.
Random Map Battle; Open Battle, Meditteranean Agricultural, 32x32 - Badger73 (Side A) 24 Oct 2019 14:13
  • Seleucid 320 BC - 303 BC
  • Lysimachid 320 BC - 281 BC
  • No Allies, 1200 pts, open battle
  • Mediterranean agricultural
To my antigonid (red) brethren, would you like to concede or fight on? If you concede I could incorporate your services into my own and all your assets and families will be safe. Our people have been fighting for too long. You could fight for my side if you wish.
Respomse sent via secure courier (PM).

Excellent. Your couriers were bringers of the good news and as such let our common goals be like united crystal streams forming into a glorious major river, carving great destinies into the bedrock of the ones who wants to disturbe our peace and prosperity! Rejoice!
It has concluded!

36 - 16 in my favour.

This was a case of "argh just one more turn would have done it"
Ok, we are into the second last turn of the campaign and the endgame ... the BLUE kingdom has received a large boost with the surrender and incorporation of the remaining RED territories... basically, these last two turns are about contesting regions, as there will not be enough turns left to conquer and eliminate garrisons outright.

The GREEN army attacking CILICIA was forced to retreat after a minor defeat, but was eliminated as there was no space to retreat into.

Commanders ... orders, please.


@Nathangun @olaf @Nelson1812
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Okay -- Turn 9 orders played out.

No BARBARIAN invasions this turn.

Naval battles:

BLUE and GREEN deployed navies -- three way battle in the LEVANT -- the Gods of the Dice were with the YELLOW navy and they stood victorious.


BLUE launched navy into Aegean -- YELLOW navy defeated here and BLUE have naval control there.

BLUE build new army in MACEDONIA.

BLUE steal march and invade SYRIA.

Follow up armies move from THRACE and PHRYGIA.


GREEN build new army in PERSIS

GREEN attack CAPPADOCIA from MESOPOTAMIA -- follow on armies advance from PARTHIA and BACTRIA.


YELLOW stand on the defensive for this turn.

Diadochi TURN 9d.jpg

So we have two battles:

CAPPADOCIA: GREEN vs BLUE -- please assign commanders

SYRIA: BLUE vs GREEN -- please assign battle commanders!
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Got it. @Wellsonian - I'll set it up tonight or tomorrow and post here when ready.

Something must be whacked out with the Slytherine server today. As of 1600 hrs GMT, I am unable to connect to "Multiplayer".
Error message states, "Connecting to game server. Select cancel to disable online play". I will try setting our game up later. Will post here when successful.