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Alexander's Successors: Wars of the Diadochi - FGM Field of Glory II Campaign (NEW)

I'll take Cappadocia and Syria it seems. Attacker sets it up. Thats you poesel
@Rico - He whom Seleucus I Nicator tasks with sending your dacoits and badmashes scurrying back across the Hindu Kush will be me, my fine fellow. We'll keep all the captured elephants though . . . :2charge:

@Nelson1812 / @poesel71 -
The GREENS triumph in PERSIS. Ricogupta oversees an elephant graveyard. Seleucid's rule!!!
Fun battle, @Rico! Thank you.
My game with Nelson1812 has ended with a score of 53 - 22 in my favor.

Thanks again for the game Archie!
I am confused as I seem to recall now Yellow (me) was supposed to attack Syria (again).
But, regardless if its done somehow I'm fine with that since it has no real affect on anything being the last turn.
Right. We can skip it if has no consequenses since its the last turn.