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Alexander's Successors: Wars of the Diadochi - FGM Field of Glory II Campaign (NEW)

Okay -- here we have the initial placements of every Faction's first "FREE ARMY" ... time for Faction Commanders to PM me your orders, or if you have already done so, please confirm that they are final.

You have 7 ACTION POINTS to play with -- the maintenance for the first ARMY is already accounted for.

@olaf @Nathangun @Nelson1812 @Wellsonian

Here we go -- TURN 1 orders played out -- somewhat cautious start...

NO Barbarian or Indian invasion/raids this first turn.

BLUE: Strengthen up provinces of THRACE, MACEDONIA & HELLAS -- no moves.

RED: One new army each in provinces of PHRYIGIA, CAPPADOCIA & MESOPOTAMIA -- no moves.

YELLOW: One new army in EGYPT, one new fleet deployed in THE LEVANT, province of JUDEA upgraded and JUDEA army advances into SYRIA.

GREEN: One new army each in PARTHIA, PERSIS & BACTRIA. Babylon Army moves into SYRIA.


We have one battle this turn:

SYRIA: YELLOW (Ptolemaic 320 BC - 167 BC) vs GREEN (Seleucid 320 BC - 303 BC)

@Nathangun & @Nelson1812 -- please assign commanders -- GREEN sets up the battle. I suggest Middle East Agricultural map?

@olaf @Mad Mike @Nathangun @mTk @Nelson1812 @Badger73 @poesel71 @Wellsonian @Jolly Olly
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So we are rocking and rolling with this ... first battle ready to start (awaiting YELLOW commander to be assigned) ... either @Nathangun or @mTk

Really hope this campaign works out as envisioned -- been a lot of work, but fun so far. :D (always a worry it might crash or get hung up on some unforseen rules or mechanics loophole... grogs tend to find these immediately...LOL)

We can still slot in more players for when action hots up and more battles get initiated: @Bootie ? @mcmortison ? @Alpha Zwo ?