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**NSFW** Australia Appreciation Thread

hehe .. I once passed by what I thought was an emu, but realised it was standing on a dead wallaby - Wedge Tail .. bloody humungus creatures
The other day I looked on Youtube for some old Paul Hogan Show episodes. Still funny after all these years!

Never went to the Walkabout Creek Bar but have been in the Daly Waters Pub (http://www.dalywaterspub.com/) back in 2002. Weird place, but friendly people.
BTW, the bra's weren't part of the decorations when I was there.
For those like me who are interested in sailing races, I advise you to follow the Sydney-Hobart which is crazy this year with many unexpected events.


Two wounded (after colliding with unknown floating objects) american boats (Comanche and Rambler) are leading the race, several of the top guns among which victories record holder Wild Oats XI from Australia had to retire following a southerly heavy buster during the first night of the race.

Another aussie maxi yacht (Ragamuffin 100) and an italian VOR 70 srtill apparently in good shape are chasing them in the Bass strait where the winds are calming down.

The video of the start in the bay of Sydney is also worth watching !
Serious question: Does it ever snow in Australia? Everything I know about Australia I learned from Paul Hogan and Steve Erwin....

Only in certain parts high in the mountains in the south east corner. The state I live in, nope, except about once every ten years or so on our highest point and if conditions are perfect. In that case we get snow for about half a day before it all melts. (Still a news worthy event).
Having a run of 40 degree Celsius days.

Persistent heat means that our trains have to go slow on account of the railways lines having a high risk of warping/buckling. No one complains as the trains have air conditioning.

We're hitting 38 degrees today ... very unusual ... but perhaps it's the "new normal"... better get used to it.
We've only had about four days under 35 since boxing day I think. Those other days have been around 30 with high humidity. :(

Currently east coast is getting drenched and out west it's bone dry.
All I know about Australia ( I learned from the Internet ) is that Everything is out to kill you there, plants, insects, animals, and Sharks... Life expectancy is less then 24hrs.:p
Bushfires are a natural part of Australia summers. Even some of our flora rely on fires to actually propagate their seeds. Anyway, to give you a sense of how big they can get here...

There is currently a fire south of my home city of Perth. It's already wiped out a small country town and is threatening other regional centers. The burnt out a land area so far is equivalent to the size of a small country. (50,000 hectares).

Update: 3 people missing, 95 homes, a hospital and a country pub razed. :(
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Those fires aint looking good , hope they get them under control soon just need mother nature to come to the party in a big way