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EMPIRE BUILDERS: Field of Glory 2 Medieval Campaign - COMPLETED!!

Meanwhile in Castille, the Navarrese of @Badger73 have found a nice little hill on which to hide from the mighty French host:

Bah! How typically boorish of the French! :rolleyes:
They enter our lands uninvited with their muddy boots, bad breath, and slop-house table manners. Then grouse at not being embraced with open arms. :poop:


Someone ought to shame them back to Gascony. Dios mio! I think I shall do so myself. :2charge:
Greek Fire would've been a cool addition to FOG2 Byzantines ... although mostly used in naval engagements if I remember correctly?
Yes, Greek Fire was primarily a naval weapon because a large enough siphon apparatus to fling it far enough to be effective was pretty big and clunky, not to mention dangerous to handle.

There were infantry Greek Fire siphon throwers but it was rare and I can't recall the circumstances; again because the apparatus was heavy, clunky, and touchy. Too be fair, any game which simulates them should allow for siphoneer self-immolation probabilities when disruprupted by enemy missiles or melee. Greek fire was truly a two edged sword. :eek:

Isn't there an Islamic naphtha thrower unit if FOG2 though? :unsure:
It just occurred to me that when being attacked the defending faction doesn't have to win....to win.
We lock the door so you can't come in. We didn't invite you here . . . :censored: