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Hi from newbie



Hi all stubbled onto this forum looking for maps & information on Operation Totalise August8th 1944 , one of your members does tours around the battle grounds and seems to be a wealth of information . Being from Australia hard to get any information , have been seeking information on a building in Gaumesnil on the RN 158 across the road of the Chateau, any help pointing me to this fellows thread much appreciated as i am trying to build a diorama of this area .Cheers Pete.IMG_0221_zpsohi0juem map.jpg
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@pkdiorama Wondrous welcome from the sane side of the site (REALLY!! :shockaroona: ..... plot twist alert ... Zinzan's not sane ;) )

I mean just 'cus my reality is unknown to others it doesn't mean I'm not right.... (err yes it does...)

Welcome to the cuddly world of TFGM, we're a fun bunch, but I can't help you with the specifics of your info-request. (But please see him for weirdness)