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King Of The Hill


FGM Lieutenant
Apr 16, 2013
Blue Point NY
Well, shoot.
I left one of the VL's empty and didn't get points for it giving the game to Holloween.
I think if I did leave a vehicle there it would have been a dead draw.
Chalk one up to experience.

Good game Holloween!
It was quite the see-saw battle.
Hey @Rico somethings come up and it appears I'll be going out of town this weekend and won't be around for 1-2 weeks. Just wanted to give you a heads up. Maybe give Canadien Cat a bye for title match, assuming losers dont get knocked down a tier?

Hi @MeatEtr - sure thing - can give @A Canadian Cat a bye to keep things moving along— it’ll mean you have to join the challengers again and start from the bottom. (Losers of matches get eliminated)