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1949 Delahaye Type 175 Roadster
Wife said I can't have one because it won't fit in the garage.
Yeah. That's the only reason Nancy vetoed the purchase. ;)
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The Hispano-Suiza H6B Dubonnet Xenia is a one-off luxury car made by Spanish automobile manufacturer Hispano-Suiza for French pilot and racing car driver André Dubonnet (1897/1980) in 1938.


Dubonnet Xenia uses a straight-6 engine from the H6C model. This 7,983 cc (487 cu in) SOHC engine utilized an aluminum block and a billet steel crankshaft for a lighter and stronger construction. The engine produced 160 hp (119 kW) at 3,050 rpm, able to propel the car to an estimated top speed of around 110 mph (177 km/h) thanks to the slippery aerodynamics of the body.

The exterior of the Dubonnet Xenia features many aviation and Art Deco inspired details owing to the time period and Dubonnet’s history as a ace fighter pilot in WW1. These details include the wraparound windshield, the large slatted grill extending below the long hood, and the unconventional rear-hinged doors that operated by sliding out and back towards the rear of the car.

Dubonnet’s focus on aerodynamics can also be seen in the exterior design of the car. The flared front fenders taper off in a teardrop shape towards the rear, as does the tail of the car. Notably, the Dubonnet Xenia has fender skirts that cover almost the entirety of the rear wheels to reduce drag, a technique pioneered 10 years earlier on a land speed record attempt car.

Upon the breakout of WW2 and the subsequent invasion of France in 1940, the Dubonnet Xenia was hidden. It resurfaced again on June 9, 1946, where it led a parade commemorating the opening of a highway tunnel in Saint-Cloud.

From 2003 the American businessman Peter W. Mullin (1941/ - ), is the car's current owner. It has since been on display at the Mullin Automotive Museum in Oxnard, California, and has occasionally been loaned to other museums.
There’s a well known car auction in Glendale Arizona every year….

This from Linkage Magazine website:

Mecum’s annual Glendale auction wrapped this past weekend, with $56m in total sales from 1,266 cars and trucks that sold.
Over the five-day auction, 1,667 lots crossed the auction block in Arizona, which boils down to a 76% sell-through rate.

The top sale of the day was the 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing, sold for $1.815m. The car had been restored in its rare Mittelgrün green finish by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum in the late 2000s. Behind it was a 2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS for $605,000 and a 2022 Mercedes-Benz AMG G63 4×4 Squared that made $489,500.


The McLaren Speedtail failed to sell on-site at a high bid of $2,400,000 — just under the pre-sale estimate range of $2.6m to $2.8m.


You guys aware of the Mclaren Elva?
It came out in 2021.
It has neither a roof or a windshield (although I think a windshield may be optional)

This one is at auction and is expected to get between 1.8 to 2.4 million dollars.
Anyone want to go in on it with me? We could split alternate weekends. ;)