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[PIC GALLERY] WW2 Then & Now

Maginot Line 1944. U.S. troops at the Simserhof bunker, located in the French commune of Siersthal in the Moselle department.

@mTk near your home?
Point Montara WWII Radar located near the community of Montara in San Mateo County, California. Deactivated in 1947.
This radar site was established in 1943 during WW2 a part of a chain of some 65 radar stations along the West Coast of the USA and Canada. These secret radar sites were built to provide early warning and interception of approaching enemy aircraft and ships but also served to assist friendly aircraft that were lost or had in-flight emergencies.

This is the remnants of a WWII bunker along the coastal roadway (Hwy1) known locally as "Devil's Slide."
The radar site is somewhere around there.
Montara is in the far background.

You can see how the road got its name.
It is not in Pacifica. Pacifica is the next town north as you get out of the slide.
The location of the slide is in an unincorporated area of San Mateo County.