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Site Home Page

Guys I want to make the website homepage a bit more inviting and up to date with the goings on within the forum and across our associated sites, the Scenario depot, Mod Warehouse and Combat Mission Command YouTube Channel.

I will look to update the homepage regularly but this is a shout out for folk to highlight good threads or tournament updates that I can share with the non-FGM lurkers out there. So tourney managers let me know when new rounds start/end are recruiting etc.

Likewise if you think a thread deserves a feature give it a shout out in this thread and I will share it.

There are so many things going on across the forums these days that I have trouble keeping up... we are averaging about 100 posts a day on the site and I just dont have enough hours in the day to keep track of them all.




FGM Major
Apr 20, 2014
Western Australia
There's the Brigade Battles Campaign, which started with 10 companies on each side.
It is coming to the start of turn 11. Unfortunately the really juicy screenshots are hidden from general viewing by FOW forums.
It has a full roster at the moment, so may not be worthy of promotion, but still, a campaign with 6 regiments in play is interesting.


There are 2 other campaigns I am developing - Urban Warriors (for CMBS) and Platoon Leader (for CMFB).
They are currently in map development stage. Estimate about 2-5 months before launch.
CM Fall Of The Third Reich Tourney is rocking along nicely...