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Tank Warfare Tunisia 1943 - FGM Learners Guide

Downloaded the guide. Very useful. Warsimmer makes some good tutorial videos on youtube and Arch has some good ones to-bit old, but still useful.

I fired up an ongoing campaign in Twt. I'm getting kicked around by Rommels DAK so far..


Doesn't take long. What appears to be a lone Panzer III makes an appearance.
Soon followed by 3 more. The US half track mounted field guns and AT open up. No hits registered.
Under long range fire from Panzer III the green American infantry panics and runs...
Many are cut down when they leave the protection of trenches. Few if any were hit when under cover. Many more lost when they broke and ran....
While the green infantry broke and ran the half-tracks with field guns and other crew served weapons didn't and they devastated the infantry accompanying the advancing panzers.
Eventually the Germans offered a truce which was accepted. The next battle was pretty intense....

Screenshots from next battle-Dung in Sherman's awaiting attack

Same tank with tank riders dismounted. In another thread it was asked if tank riders automatically dismount and I saw the tank riders on the tank and a second later no tank riders. Didn't see them actually dismount though....

Sparks fly as 75mm AP scores hit. The physics of the tanks in GT is amazing.