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Ultimate Admirals:Dreadnoughts


FGM Regimental Sergeant Major
Mar 31, 2020
The Netherlands
All great screen captures, although the battle appears to be fought at twilight or dawn.
Yeah, I just noticed that I could barely see the screens on my laptop while I was working in sunlight. However, on my game PC monitor I don't have the issue. I guess it was dawn indeed.
Debbie Downer here.
Just from watching the You Tube videos I'm already suffering a bit from been-there-done-that syndrome.
For me, I can see it wouldn't take long for repetition boredom to set it. Maybe if they are "my" ships I might be more interested in the battles. For now it seems like a lot of sailing around without hitting anything until they eventually get within rock throwing range.
I think the best part may be playing around with the ship build capability. Even then there seems to be some issues as several You Tubers were unable to recreate real ships to real life specs. I mean, wouldn't that sort of be the point in development?
I've moved on in war gaming to not playing anything that doesn't have some sort of campaign mode. Just playing a single battle gives me a "so what" feel whether I win or lose.
And there it is. The Campaign feature is coming, but at least another half-year or more. I am sure the game will be a lot different then.