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World of Tanks Roll Call


FGM Captain
May 11, 2013
Heart of America
In a perfect WG would realize the roaches were just a flat out mistake; bad for the game, and remove them.
Unfortunately, WG's priorities always start with: "How can we make more money?"
Until that changes, "let the buyer beware!"
At least tomorrow will be interesting.
What super equipment are you planning on adding?
Howabout that!?
Look what Santa gave me in just my 19th loot box.
OK, need an assist.
I don't need any help with 5x XP boosters as far as what they are and how/when they take affect.
What I do need to know is where the hell are they located? I'd like to see how many I have and how many are designated for specific tanks.
I have looked everywhere and have researched on line as well. Nothing!!
Thank you in advance as this is really gnawing on me.
Nuthin'? Yeah, I was afraid of that. Why is 5x such a big, damn secret? Humph.
On a more interesting note I forgot all about the Tier VII Japanese medium, the Chi-Ri.
"Who cares?" you say. Maybe you.
The reason why I got this was that I was watching a video on it and found out it is a auto-reloader.
Crap Alpha, but three shots in 2 seconds with a 9.59 clip auto-reload time. Well, come on! That can be a lot of fun with the right MM.
Anyway, easy to research and cheap fun to be had blasting red guys who have never seen this before. Shock & Awe baby!
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