CMA Battle for Hill 3234


This mission is an attempt to duplicate the most heavy fighting done by the 9th Company in the Battle for Hill 3234. The terrain has been scaled-down to be accommodated to the game engine. Great attention was paid to ensure historical accuracy, but all aspects of the real battle cannot be duplicated in the game. This is in no way based on the movie. Mujahedeen take the place of the Special Services Group in this mission and there are conflicting accounts as to whether the Pakistani SSG was actually present. A big thanks goes out to Eddie who was able to implement this battle successfully into the CMA game.

Excerpt from the briefing:

“There is little information about the size of the enemy force that has set camp close to Hill 3234. It is rumored the Black Storks, a commando unit of the Pakistani Army (also known as Special Service Group), have crossed the Pakistan – Afghanistan border by helicopter. The enemy has executed several small scale attacks on our positions since 15:30, but all these attacks have been stopped. The attackers were reportedly wearing black uniforms with chevrons of black, gold and red on their arms. They attacked as a trained unit, moving in, bounding over watch and coordinating their actions via handheld radios.”


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