CMFI Bon Giorno Tomahawks


Elements of the 2nd Battalion, 179th Regiment “Tomahawks” are moving deep into Sicily on July 13, 1943.

Tiny map, company size. Allied Attack on a town held by units from Herman Goering Division.40+Turns. ONLY Allied Vs AI.

 There is an alarming lack of scenarios for CMFI. I make mods, I feel that`s what I do best, but still can remember the fun we had playing user made scenarios in Cmx1. Many of them were not very well balanced, original or historical, but they were sure great to play. So, I decided to make my fourth scenario (the other 3 were for CMBN), just for fun. This is FICTIONAL. Forces involved are real and were present in Sicily, in that zone at that time, but topography, force balance and many other details fall into fictional category. I wanted to make a small battle, easily manageable, with mixed forces ( I love tanks 😉 ). Hope you like it, even if it’s not neither ambitious nor historical.

Thanks to General Lee Irked for betatesting, you gave me some great ideas,….


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  1. In the Tag it says “Playable H2H or Allied vs the AI” but in the description it says “Only Allied vs the AI”. Just thought I’d point that out.

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