CMBS – UA Pro Libertate


20th October 2023
Time 11.00 hrs
Mission time 30 minutes.
Weather Light Fog
Wind Gentle, From West
Ground Condition Dry

The Russian army punched a hole in the first line of defense north of Avdiivka with heavy losses. And now they are ready to break through the second line of defence.


The Ukrainian dismounted company of the 110th mechanized brigade, on the second line of defense, must repulse the massive assault of the enemy motorized rifle battalion.

Friendly Forces

Mechanized Company:
1x Command squad.
4x Mechanized infantry squad(dismounted).

Anti-tank platoon:
2x Jevelin team.
2x Sniper team.
2x Recoiless team.

Mortar Battery:
1x Headquarters team.
1x Forvard observer team.
6x 120mm mortars 2B11.

Howitzer platoon:
6x 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer M109A7 “Paladin”

Enemy Forces

At 10:50, reconnaissance drones spotted the deployment of battalion-sized enemy motorized units with additional tank cover.


The plan is to fire three 155mm howitzers at the place of movement of the column in order to disable as much of the enemy’s equipment as possible, and blind it with dust raised into the sky. After that, use Jevelin anti-tank missile systems exclusively on enemy tanks to destroy them. A few minutes later, redirect the fire of an additional three 155mm howitzers onto a minefield in front of the defensive positions to cut off the enemy’s main forces from advancing.
Mortars should preferably be used later on the right flank to blind enemy columns. Or you can use them to destroy enemy infantry that will leave armored vehicles to storm defensive positions. After the enemy approaches the first row of mines (about 500 meters to the positions), use spg-9 recoilless anti-tank grenade launchers on the enemy’s light armored vehicles. When the enemy approaches approximately 200-300 meters from the positions, fire from all types of weapons, including RPG-7 grenade launchers and flamethrower systems. Simultaneously deploy snipers against enemy armored vehicles to disable critical elements and crew inside.


The creation of the scenario was inspired by the battle that took place on October 20, 2023, when the enemy column of Russian troops was almost completely destroyed before reaching the defensive positions of the Ukrainian Army. The map of heights and combat positions may not always reflect the real picture of combat operations, but thanks to a detailed study of this battle, everything was done to reproduce it as realistically as possible.

Created by Dmytro Gadomskiy

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