CMBS – Opening Encounter

This mission explores a Russian attack into Lithuania from the Kaliningrad Oblast and pitches a US light reconnaissance element against a Russian mechanized force that has just crossed the border.

The mission is playable as NATO versus Russia only but it has multiple AI plans for replayability. No mods are required and it is playable with the Base Game patched to version 2.16.

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Author: Combatintman

2 thoughts on “CMBS – Opening Encounter

  1. Outstanding Sir! I enjoyed that scenario very much. Wanted to keep my kill zones…. But, not enough antiTank rounds. Withdrew just in time (Minor Victory). It sure would have been nice to have a platoon of Abrams at the end.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, if I ever get the time I might change the US force to a heavy but even smaller force to see how TOW plus 25mm cannon on the Bradley and M1 Abrams fare.

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