CMFI : Wintergewitter in Garfagnana

This is a historical / semi-historical battle series nearly three years in the making that includes 6 scenarios aiming to reproduce some of the events that took place along the Gothic Line in the Serchio valley, northern Apennines, on 26 and 27 December 1944, known as Battle of Garfagnana and referred to by the Germans as Unternehmen Wintergewitter, Operation Winter Storm.

All modules needed.

This is not a campaign in the true sense. You will proceed to the next battle regardless of your performance, but your core force will still suffer losses as it progresses through the operation.


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1 thought on “CMFI : Wintergewitter in Garfagnana

  1. Thank you for the scenario!

    Can this be played H2H – are there brefings for both sides?

    Best regards

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