CMCW – Hamelin Eyes to Eyes . H vs H

8th may 1981, the cold war at turn hot and the 1st Guards Tank Army pushed hard the NATO troops in northern Germany. They are closing on the strategic city of Hamelin and it’s bridge.
A US reconnaissance platoon manage to sneak unnotice into the soviet line and manage to spot a soviet HQ with some rear support elements(supply and EW assets). The US platoon leader decide to try to raid the soviet position with his men.

Small size scenario. Human vs Human. Force balance maybe be a bit off, but it represent the local tactical situation. In didn’t had in mid to do a perfect balance H vs H scenario, in war fight are far from be “balance” in my opinion. One way to play it will be a mirror battle, to see who did the best with each side.

Update to V1 10/07/2022 : Thanks to The MonkeyKing feedback i made the following change :
-Soviet can now deploy his troops as he see fit
-Weather have change to “clear”
-Soviet QRF composition change

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