CMFB Bastogne Plus One Campaign and Bulge Plus One Campaign

Guys, these are my designs. They are memory heavy, lots of units, so save often. I used about 30-40 saves per campaign, especially at the end of scenarios. Then, if it crashes, (not often) you can reload the last and continue.



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Author: Mike Raymond
Big fan of the Combat Mission game series from I have been scripting for years for games like Operation Flashpoint and Arma. This is the first time I have done a full campaign, for CM Final Blitzkrieg. Now for some of those scenarios that I haven't played yet...

7 thoughts on “CMFB Bastogne Plus One Campaign and Bulge Plus One Campaign

  1. What the F? I set up my german defense in Bulge plus one only to have the US right on top of us as the game started. Ridiculous waste of time. Do you have a updated version– if not, then please delete these?

  2. Wow! Sorry, I will check this out right away. I played each campaign from both sides before posting, without that happening. Note there are three plans per side with different setup locations. Perhaps that is the issue. Will check for sure. The game randomly picks one of three plans, so perhaps a restart, until I can fix and upload?

  3. No, thanks for the feedback. I have revisited the first battle and re-did the start zones. What you must realize is that this is a small map and the game starts with battle under way. The Americans are attacking from the get-go. I continue to test run it here until I am sure there are no obvious problems. It was my first design and I didn’t play it using the “as designer mode” only from each side. Now I am taking a look at what is happening to both sides. Thanks, better campaign shortly.

  4. Cool– I’ll check it out again. The issue was the US spawned RIGHT ON TOP of the german start zone.Both had same start zone.

  5. December 16th. Uploaded corrected campaign files. The units do not now appear mixed with the enemy. That was my bad, neglected to press the ‘deploy’ buttons. I also enlarged the setup areas for the first encounter scenario.

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