7 thoughts on “CMFB Rollbahn D Part I

  1. downloaded the file and unzipped it to my FB folder in my Documents folder. No option to select the campaign from the “campaigns” menu

  2. Hi – I place the file in my campaign folder but the campaign does not show in the game menu? I am clearly doing soemnting wrong – any ideas?

    1. Having the same problem. Not sure why it isn’t showing up, but I’m sure he’ll get back to us soon. Probably busy trying to fix whatever is wrong

  3. Hi, first of all thanks for trying to give this a run out.

    It may be a version issue?

    The campaign was compiled under Game Engine 4, v2.03 which arrived summer 2020.


    If you fire up the game and take a look in the bottom right corner, you maybe running an earlier version?

    Come back to me if not.

    1. oh crap, thats probably it. Haven’t played FB in a while. Will get back to you once I’ve installed the latest version

  4. Works now. Just goes to show, usually its a mundane issue that creates problems. Thank you @Theforger

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