CMFB Permisküla 1944

On 11 August 1944 the Soviet 206 Regiment from the 8th Army’s 109 Rifle Division used boats to cross the Narva river and landed three battalions on the island called Permisküla. The Estonian defenders belonging to the 2 Battalion of the 6 Borderguard Regiment had not long earlier experienced an artillery barrage for an hour and were quite shaken when the attackers began to close on to the island they had to defend. On the other side of the river, which was connected to the island by a wooden bridge, was Permisküla which was a little village that had the same name as the island.

As soon as the Soviet forces had managed to establish bridgeheads on the island they began to build pontoon bridges so they could send in their troops much easier. The defenders didn’t manage to stop the three Soviet battalions and were either killed or surrendered and the island was in the hands of the Soviet 206 regiment already in the early evening.

As I only have Final Blitzkrieg the Germans on the island and in the village are fighting three US battalions instead of Soviet ones.

At the moment this scenario is an Axis vs AI and H2H only. When I have made AI-plans for the Axis side and maps for quick battles I will add the edited scenario files

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