The Station.CMRT

This scenario is based on that photo -pity we don’t have boxcars.

Russian forces advance against a railway station.
They have one Rf bn(+) and a Tank bn(+), facing a Grenadier bn(+) that will be reinforced by tanks and Stug.

AIG/H2H. Aug 1944. 2×2 km. 4 hours.

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  1. I thought that if you don’t include DLC or mod it means you don’t need them.

    I think that with the newest version you can play old scenarios, with an old version -maybe- you cannot play new scenarios. All of them are v2.11, anybody is using a non updated version? has xxx.v211, in these scenarios -after playing H2H- the Russians have been reinforced; you may find xxx. or xxx.R, it doesn’t matter. I did remember they were bad… I didn’t remember they were that bad.

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