CMFI – Frey CMFI Map Pack 1

CMFI Map Pack 1 – thanks for the encouragement of my friends on the BF forum.

Map packs contains 120 maps, based on 40 different areas of terrain, with an Assault, Attack and Probe for each map. Each map has unique setup zones and objectives. Each map has four defender AI plans and one attacker AI plan, so you can play as defender, and play and re-play as attacker.

Attacker AI plans are based on my own attacking strategy when I played the map, so they work OK. Defender AI plans are quite mixed – at least one defender plan in each map will contain some sort of spoiling attack or counter-attack, sometimes quite an aggressive one! I hope it keeps you on your toes…

<NB File too big for the Depot, so here is the dropbox link>

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5 thoughts on “CMFI – Frey CMFI Map Pack 1

  1. This doesn’t seem to work. I get the files almost instantaneously but then cannot unzip them.
    Tom Konczal

    1. Sorry, I don’t know why that would be the case. It’s a dropbox link, because it was too big to upload directly, but it works fine for me (from another computer) and the guys on the Battlefront forum, where I posted the same link, have been able to download it OK.

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