The Path to CAEN

CW CMBN The Path to CAEN

The 1st Canadian Parachute Btn. attempt to seize a major crossroads that leads from Caen to Ouistreham and Sword Beach on D-Day

SMALL; ALLIED ATTACK; MAP 512M X 554M; PLAY CANADIANS VS GERMAN AI (Possible H2H but with “rules” laid out in Briefings)

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3 thoughts on “CW CMBN The Path to CAEN

  1. Warning, could be spoilers below.
    I pushed forward quickly on the right and setup just my side of the rise in the wheat field until the other squads could get in to a platoon line. It took just a few minutes.
    Once everyone was in line I rushed the squads towards the farmhouse using Quick move catching and killing the HQ unit in the open.

    Meanwhile on the left I moved the two platoon to the top of the reverse slope on my side and waited for the right platoon to wheel left and move up in the wheat field until it too was at the edge of the reverse slope looking over the cross roads.

    When everyone was in position I used the Hunt and Quick move commands to get everyone to fire at the crossroads from the front and flank.
    The mortars targeted several of the entrenchment.

    I have to say the sound of all that automatic weapons fire was pretty cool. 🙂

    After a couple of few minutes of firing, the Germans were taking casualties and well suppressed.
    On the 3rd minute I Quick’ed the far left platoon straight down killing and capturing everyone in the foxholes at the Secondary Crossroad. The next minute the Germans that were left at the Primary Crossroad were killed or killed while routing.

    Having eliminated all resistance I setup the two left platoons in the houses and along the rock wall securing both crossroads, the right platoon went back to the Farm VL and secured it.

    I anticipated a counter attack that never materialized.
    The scenario was over in 12 minutes with 48 minutes left.

    Perhaps activating the reserve German company to counter-attack at some point?

    1. Ahh, very good! You actually did exactly what you were supposed to do, which is why you never saw the counter attack. The premise is that if you get the HQ before they get into the house, then they can’t radio there is a problem. Believe me, the counter attack could be quite “nasty” 😉 .

      You did much better than I with the crossroads though. I thought it would take longer to grab those. Congrats on a well laid out plan. The situation is that if you do everything right, then yes, it would be a pretty short battle. If you’re good but you don’t get the HQ unit (the comm guys) then the battle will get drawn out quite a bit. If you’re not good, it won’t last much beyond the counter attack .

      I am considering a sequel to this in which you do have to eventually deal with a larger force, but that will take a while. For now I’d say you got exactly what was supposed to happen given your situation. I will admit up front that this was a bit of an experiment as I’m early on in the learning curve of making scenarios, so your post is quite encouraging (this was due to a trigger event). Most going forward will be quite a bit more straight forward, to be honest. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the scenario and I do appreciate the comments. I have noted the suggestion and will certainly act on it in future scenarios. Thanks much 🙂


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