CMFI – Map of Le Piastre

This package is a map/mission template for “Combat Mission:Fortress Italy” with “Rome to Victory” DLC.

The map is based on an actual hamlet in the northern Apennines mountains of Italy. It is fictionalized, but representational, of terrain/objectives that would have been at stake during the Gothic line battles from summer 1944 to spring 1945.

It was created and tested in an un-modded CM installation to ensure the greatest compatibility with any other installation. Included with the base map (in the “MissionMaps” folder) are .bmp image files of strategic, operational, and tactical maps for scenario/mission briefing overlays. Also, some selected screenshots of the 3-D map preview are included.

Hopefully, missions developed with this map will accurately portray the bare-knuckled brawling that occurred during the appropriate time period.

Would love to see what scenarios are created with the map!

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any comments, corrections, or suggestions. I am available thru the forums at

Thanks and enjoy!

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