5 thoughts on “Clash Of Titans Reborn v2

  1. Above text mentions a ‘briefing’ with details for the German objectives and counterattack, but the download only has the .btt file. Is there supposed to be accompanying documents?

    1. Hello Robert, the .btt file is all you need, I checked it myself and the Scenario information is all there along with designer notes. If you want copies of the actual briefings, I suppose I can try and find them. This was one of my first scenarios that I did. Although I highly researched the units to find commanders names etc. It was a hypothetical scenario for fun, somewhat a good, detailed map for both sides. I have other scenarios since then https://www.dropbox.com/home/Ghost%20Rider%20CM%20Missions if you have any questions or you would like something specific let me know.

    2. Hello Robert. The Btt. file actually has everything you need. There are no accompanying documents. All the details are in the briefing for a German vs AI. (Russian) Game. The Briefing covers the German side for what is going on, and what to do. I did put documentation into the Russian side for a H2H game, so that it felt more immersive that there were actual goals to take. There is no German AI, as this map really does not allow the AI to get across the river in any good form quickly. Hope this helps, will be happy to answer any more questions should you have any. Good luck and enjoy a very explosive scenario.

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