The Radzy Award V1

CMRT The Radzy Award V1

The Radzy Award V1 (CMRT 2.0/Engine 4+ Required)

Category: Fictional
Play mode: Axis vs. AI only
Scenario length: 120 min + variable
Mission type: German Defense
Weather: Clear
Map Size: 2,720 x 2,240m

The German defender must try to hold the town of Radzy against a large combined-arms Soviet attack that makes use of extensive AI Area Fire. The player will receive some armor support in the second half of the battle.

This scenario seeks to give experienced players a solid single-player challenge as defender, while also providing ample material for those who enjoy a sim-heavy approach with extended play. It should also provide opportunities for some juicy urban combat.

In order to experience the scenario as intended, it is important to play with full fog of war and not give up, no matter how dire things may seem. Novice players are encouraged to wait and play the scenario after they have built up their skill a bit, rather than play it on a setting lacking full fog of war. Turn-based play is highly recommended to achieve the required force coordination.

Scenario design & graphics: Macisle
Map: Radzymin Master Map 2 by Pete Wenman, modified by Macisle.

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