8 thoughts on “CMRT Firebrigade von Saucken

  1. Very tough for Germans in this knock down drag out fight. Seems like a giant firefight. Enjoyed very much.

  2. Glad you liked it. You get a lot of cool cats as the Germans, but that does not mean it is going to be easy 🙂 A giant firefight indeed.

  3. really enjoyed this scenario, the terrain and mix of troops made for a good battle with different ways to address the problem at hand. Thanks so much for creating and sharing this scenario, very nice.

  4. That’s a very good and scenario as Germans vs the AI.
    Great mixture of vehicles.


    I thought that going over the hill on the left side with the majority of the tanks and vehicles would be the easiest plan. On top of the hill I lost a Tiger, although I really took care… Gladly it didn’t completely block the path. But all other vehicles only very slowly could pass it. So realistic. EXCELLENT!

    The whole attack felt like slowly munching trough the strong defense.

    A wonderful map with many realistic “sh.t, we can’t move here?!” moments.
    Nerve wrecking for the attacker.

    While during the game I often was angry about the perfect placement of the defender’s units, in retrospect I cannot say what could be improved. Perfect.

  5. Glad to hear you had a good time playing Firebrigade, Steiner14. There are many ways to go about in this scenario. None of them easy 🙂

    Thanks for commenting on it.

  6. I played H2H , and as the attacker, I felt that the modeling of antitank and flak guns, really shows up as unrealistic. 88mm HE landing all around the guns and they fight on to the last man. Hopefully, BF will address some of these issues before returning to the East Front. Also, the 2 man turret T-34s, even when buttoned up, react like robots on meth.

    Overall, a knock down drag out scenario that challenges the attacker.

  7. A really great scenario on a stunning map. Played it H2H as German attacker and pulled of a total victory. Nice mix of units for both sides and balanced with plenty of things to hurt the Tigers.


    I used lots of recon to identify enemy ATG positions before committing my tanks, managed to identify and take out ATGs with arty. I lost two of my Tigers to T-34 85s and had some great medium and short range engagements.

  8. Great scenario, thoroughly recommended.

    I played this over the course of 15 months as a 2vs2 H2H game. I played as part of the German, attacking team. It was tremendous fun. We ended with a Major Victory, but at the halfway point felt we were looking at certain defeat. Our opponents placed their AT assets very cunningly and we took alarming losses on the way and had to use all our wits and tenacity to eventually break through their defences. It really could have gone either way!

    Many thanks for putting this together, the effort is very much appreciated!

    !!!Minor spoilers!!!
    I am really glad that the battle starts with just a few units on map and the rest turn up as reinforcements. Having masses of units to place before you start is always really off putting to me.

    Our air support didn’t show up despite being ‘overhead’ quite early on.

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