8 thoughts on “Delaying Action at Ogledow Redux

  1. I much liked the overall setup. The weather was a good reason for why you’d be forced into such close engagements in spite of having superior accuracy at range playing as the German force.

    The downside was undoubtedly the skill level of the Red Army units. Units where all tank crews are Veterans, or even Crack troops is IMHO rarely funny, especially not in this case. Veteran and Crack IS-2s with tank riders turning up at extremely short range when you’re not even equipped with basic infantry AT weapons is something I consider way over the top, and it made my Tigers with at best Regular experience almost completely unable to tackle them. The only alternative way to deal with them that I can think of would’ve been to gather them all up and crash them into the IS-2s, which would not have been very amusing or realistic.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Through a personal message, i would be interested in your final score. Dont want spoilers here.

      1. I’m afraid I can’t recall scores. It was a Draw though. For what it’s worth, I tried changing the soft skills in the editor, as well as change the heavy German tanks to King Tigers like the briefing said.

        I set the soft skills to Typical for both sides for all units, and it really didn’t seem to change the relative skills of the German and Russians much. Both seemed to stay about as good compared to one another, and it did put the Fog of War back into the mission, which I feel was missing before.

        I’m not sure how much the King Tigers made a difference compared to the Tigers. Though I fared much better, it was also the 3rd time I’d played the scenario, so I wasn’t entirely unprepared for some things to put it mildly, though I did take care not to exploit that knowledge.

        As an aside, there appears to be a German halftrack placed inside a building, infantry not inside same building, and some gravestones inside buildings around the church.

        Tiny spoiler: Some Russian infantry commander appears to be traveling by foot, I suspect he’s supposed to be riding on tanks with his unit?

  2. Thanks again. Given the popularity of the time frame and tactical situation, another (Redux II) will be posted. This update concentrated on the map. The next one will incorporate additional feedback like yours and new AI plans for replay. Figure in a few weeks. Thanks for the email comments I received from other players too.

  3. Played AI vs. German. So I hate to be a bummer but there is really no need for the halftracks (Other than for Russian targets!) I had them retreat immediately. Other than that the initial unit set up could be better (halftrack in a building), doesn’t really entirely matter I suppose because anyone worth their snuff will move their pixel soldiers around. My panthers ended up being entirely overkill for those poor T-34-76’s. But the IS-2’s were made of tougher stuff and certainly made the game.

  4. Thank you for the scenario, played a few times both sides vs AI.
    I liked it: while most historical scenarios are large to very large, I feel the moderate size and allotted time allow for an excellent playability; the terrain is well made and typical for that area’s battles, allowing a lot of ambush spots and very tricky LOS.
    Overall you have a lot of tactical options and you getan overall feel similar to the historical accounts, i.e. you cannot charge head-on or you’ll risk a sore defeat.
    I repeat myself, but I appreciated this scenario.

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