7 thoughts on “Parroy Forest

  1. I won this with a US Major Victory. It was hard, depressing going battling through the woods as Im sure it must have been in real life but I don’t think there was much in the way of options to advance due to the defences in the area, wire etc. So not much chance for tactical decision making. It was a grind for sure and although the German artillery didn’t hit me if it did it would have ended this battle as they had a ton and heavy stuff too!!

  2. I played the Axis in this one vs. Bootie, First off, you are sorta stuck with the setup, cant move or position much (me dont like that)… and then when getting pounded by Allied Armor and saying to oneself, If only I had a chance to put these units/wire/mines here or there which would make sense to me… Nuts…

    On a Scale of 1 to 10

    1-enjoyment, I did crapola
    9-Map, very nicely done
    1-Overall Game Play

  3. How come as the Germans, I see [10p touch] or similar on three objectives when my units German already are in those positions? There is no chance for me to send any squads there to get those ten points when they already are in them. Are those touch objectives meant to be for the US units? And if they are meant for the US units, why do I as the Germans see them?

  4. First of all, thank you very much to the designer for building this scenario! Your effort is much appreciated.

    Short summary – hard work at the beginning, ultimately rewarding.

    Possible spoilers below:

    Played this H2H as the US army and won a total victory.
    Early game is very tough going, smashed by artillery and walking from short range ambush to short range ambush. Meanwhile muddy conditions let every tank immobilised by the game’s end.
    BUT – clearly the Germans have their own set of problems and challenges.

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